Greatness of Gallegos – PK/K Edition

Shout out to Ms. Sparks for her Alphabet Bucket activity.  Students choose a clothespin with upper/lowercase letters on them.  They identify the letter, the letter sound, and a word with that beginning letter – then they pass the bucket!   Great mini-activity that the students really enjoy!

Shout out to PK and Kinder for their Chinese New Year activities earlier this week.  Way to integrate current events and cultural studies into your day!

Shout out to our Kinder teachers and students for their amazing growth on Stanford & Aprenda!  Comparing this year to last, we made great strides on both tests.  Translation?  On average, our students are two months MORE READY for 1st grade regular than last year (in reading) and a staggering two years and four months MORE READY for 1st grade bilingual math than last year.  Wow!

Stanford Reading Growth

Stanford Math Growth

Aprenda Reading Growth

Aprenda Math Growth

+ 0.2

+ 0.1




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