Greatness of Gallegos | Week 10

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Finley has been working incredibly hard these past couple weeks!  Between fulfilling her duties as testing coordinator and teacher-mentor, giving professional development, and helping our students from Kinder to 5th, Ms. Finley is always operating on all cylinders.  Check out her Bevo-inspired goal poster below.

  • Ms. Pantoja gets a first-ever back-to-back Greatness shout out.  Even after taking a…spill in the courtyard and getting an epic bruise, she demanded to come back to work to help make sure our fall festival is a success!  What a trooper!
  • Ms. Espinosa and Ms. Ryans helped make our cheerleaders’ Thursday UH performance a resounding success!  Thanks for dedicating your time and energy to helping our students experience something they will never forget.

10 minute PD – SMART made simple

Check out Episode 1 of “SMART made simple.”  This week you’ll learn where to find ready-made SMARTboard resources and how to use “Anagrams” – an outstanding, engaging vocabulary review tool.  Remember: using your SMARTboard as just a projector screen is the classroom equivalent of only using a treadmill as a place to hang wet clothes.  Take a couple of minutes and learn about a resource you can use in your classroom next week!


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