Greatness of Gallegos | Week 9


  • Ms. Frazier has had quite a month: 10 days of Neuhaus training, more days of BISI training, scheduling/running ARD’s, and taking over our resource position!  She’s a model for what it means to tirelessly work for our students!
  • 2nd Grade Team for being all stars every week during PLC’s.  They come prepared and organized, which makes for the most productive 57 minutes possible!  Keep it up!
  • Mr. Lara has really stepped it up in integrating cross-curricular activities into P.E. and taking ownership of our school-wide SIP goals!  Go check out his skip counting cut outs!
  • Ms. De La Paz for coming up with the most innovative ways to use Crack the Code.  She’ll be enjoying a 30 minute extended lunch next week!  Thanks again to Mr. Luna for sharing the resource (see CTC post below for more information).
  • Ms. Pantoja is one of the most flexible members of our staff.  She’s constantly balancing her own duties with covering classes during meetings.  The other day she had to cover for an unexpectedly long meeting and ran out of plans provided by the teacher.  She improvised and began a read aloud with engaging questioning!  Way to go above and beyond, Ms. Pantoja!


Whenever Ms. Ryans' students encounter a vocab word in their own personal reading, they add it to this roll.

Here's what they do...

When the roll can extend across the room, the whole class will have a celebration!


 The first nine weeks has already come and gone!

Here’s your urgency update — as of Monday, days until major assessment:

KINDER Stanford/Aprenda: 27

5th STAAR Math: 91

5th STAAR Reading: 92

4th STAAR Writing: 92/93

3rd/4th STAAR Math: 110

3rd/4th STAAR Reading: 111

5th STAAR Science: 112

Stanford/Aprenda 1st-5th: 119


Keep stepping it up and we’ll get it done!  Have a great weekend!

Ms. Gardea  |  Mr. Presley


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  1. Ms. Frazier

    Wow when you’re busy working you rarely realize who is watching, thanks for the shout out! Is it December yet? 🙂

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